Its all about give and take

Being a believer in Christ comes with a lot of blessing because all blessing comes from God.
There is more to these blessings than just asking God for it. You have to sacrifice some things. You have to do things God’s way. God requires three things from us;
1. Praise
2. Gratitude and thanksgiving
3. Worship
To evoke God’s blessing you have to praise him. We can praise him by singing, praying and living the way he tells us to live also by saying something good about him. The bible tells us in Psalm 104 and 103 how we should praise God not forgetting all his kindness and the forgiveness of our sins.
When we show God our gratitude it causes him to do more causes him to do more of what he has done before. The Yorubas say “Omo ti o ba dupe ore oni a ri omiran gba”. Taking a cue from David, to enter the court of God (which contains many blessings) you have to enter with Thanksgiving. Philippians 4:16 also tell us to “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God”. With this God will bless you.
Worship is to praise and serve God. It is more than just singing it is our service to God. In worshiping him, we should give our tithe to him when due. It is commanded by God. Luke 4:8.
With this three things you can indeed make God bless you. Simple right?! But it takes devotion to do all these things.
Imagine God making you a great nation, making you famous, and blessing you so much that you become a blessing to others. Blessing those who bless you?! These are some of the blessing that come with you being devoted to God and many more. Would you rather leave these things just because you can’t praise thank or worship God!? C’mon get up and start giving God the praise he deserves and the thanks not forgetting to worship him. “It is good to be blessed but better to be a blessing”. When you get blessed, don’t forget to bless others.
PS: If you are not under the cover of God trust me you can’t enjoy all these. So belong and become! Shalom!


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