I am not ashamed of the gospel because it brings fame to God’s name

No matter who I am, where I am or what I am, this Gospel can never change.

O! The good news! How amazing that Jesus died on the cross was buried and came back to life so I may be saved.

Amazing love he has for me!

This Good news shows how God makes people right with himself.

 The Son of man died so that I may live again. What more could I ask for?

The blessing that comes with this Gospel is sufficient

The Grace attached to it has made me not to be wasted

What a great Perfection!

Why then should I be Ashamed?

HE has told me that if I am ashamed of him and his Gospel, he will be ashamed of me when he comes with his father’s Glory.

No way! I don’t want that.

HE said he will give me strength if only I am willing to suffer with him for the Good news.

Great Gift!

I am not ashamed to take a stand for my creator because I know so well that he will take a stand for me in heavenly places.

It’s a decision you have to make.

As for me I am UNASHAMED and I’m proud to say it.



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2 responses to “UNASHAMED(ROM1:16)

  1. BoukkieO

    Good stuff, love. We need to talk o!

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