One on One with GOD

We would be having some interviews on this Blog. Just a change of writing I guess. This is our very first interview. Enjoy! *************************************************
PRESENTER: Hey people! Guess who we have in the house with us; HE is often called Immanuel, Prince of peace, Alpha and Omega, Agbanilagbatan, Owibesebe, Igwe. You already know who we have here. He is the Almighty God.
GOD: Thank you very much for the introduction in fact Ori mi Wu.
PRESENTER: There are so many Questions we would like to ask you but because of time we would take a few.
Sir, some people usually feel rejected and alone what advice would you give them?
GOD: I have told you that I will be with you everywhere you go. Even David said it check his song in psalm 139:5, 7, 9-10. When you pass through waters, I will be with you. When you cross rivers, you will not drown. When you walk through fire you will not be burned because I the Lord am your God.
PRESENTER: So many people are afraid to come back to you because they feel what they have done is Unforgivable. What do you have to say to that?
GOD: Though your sins are like scarlet, they can be as white as snow. Though your sins are deep as red they can be white like wool. If you live in the light as I am in the light you can share fellowship with each other then the blood of my son will cleanse you from every sin. Also all things that you do or say against me can be forgiven.
PRESENTER: So many afraid and worried people are willing to know what can be done about their case.
GOD: Don’t be afraid because I have saved you and called you by my name and you are mine. I am your protection and strength I always help in time of trouble. Give all your worries to me and I will take care of you. Don’t worry about the food or drink you need to live. Look at the birds in the air. They don’t plant or harvest or store foods in barns but I feed them. You are worth much more than them; you cannot add time to your life by worrying about it. Remember I am the lord the God of every person on this earth nothing is Impossible for me.
PRESENTER: Sir! Final words?
GOD: The mountains may disappear and the hills may come to an end but my love will never disappear my promise of peace will not come to an end. I am with you. Also remember I am coming soon If truly you love me you will keep my commandments.
PRESENTER: Thank You for your time.
GOD: Anytime any day I am always here for you. Just call on me



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2 responses to “One on One with GOD

  1. ibetapassmynebo

    The last line. . .
    Nice. . .assuring and true

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