Oluwadarasimi(God is Good to me)

Driving down the road on a Saturday evening was a young lady. Suddenly there was a stop. “Oh! No! Not the car.” She exclaimed. Where will I get a mechanic in this secluded area? She checks her phone “No network! Oh my! This is not a good sign”. While waiting and lamenting a young boy was passing. Hey young boy please where can I get a mechanic? She asked him. “Not anywhere here ma you have to get to the next town” he answered, but what exactly is wrong with your car? He asked. She replied him saying “ I really don’t know I was driving and it suddenly stopped. Do you know anything about cars? She asked him. “Well my father taught me some things before he died” he answered. He did one to two things and the engine started. “Thank you very much. What would I have done? Thank you I’m really grateful” she said. So where are you heading to? So I can drop you off, she asked. “Not so far, I can get there. Thank you”. She checks her purse and offered him some money “No thank you” he said I think someone out there deserves it better than I do. “Alright then what’s your name by the way?” She asked. Darasimi he answered. “Thank you once again”. She drives off wondering why the young lad rejected the money. Well I will just keep and give it to someone that deserves it she thought. Still driving home she decided to get some fruits at the roadside. She pulls over and asked “madam how much is your apple?” after so much argument on the price she eventually got some. As she was about to leave she looked at the woman again seeing that she was heavily pregnant she asked “madam how many months?” The woman answered and said “8 months” Wow! The lady exclaimed. Why are you still here? The woman laughed and answered “If I don’t take care of the children who will take care of them? Including the one on the way” Then the lady remembered what the boy told her. She brings out the money and hands over to the woman. “Take this madam use it to take care of yourself for now till you take give birth. The woman went on her kneels and thanked her. After the lady left she counted the and saw that it was the exact money she needed at that moment. Later that day the woman was in the room smiling when her first child came in “Mum why are you smiling” he inquired. She pulls the child closer to her and said “OLUWADARASIMI! Indeed God has been good to me.



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15 responses to “Oluwadarasimi(God is Good to me)

  1. BoukkieO

    Awww… I love this.

  2. mistybikers

    awww i absolutely luv dis 😀

  3. kolde

    wonderful write up….keep it up and more grease to your elbows

  4. segz

    Good one……….

  5. i like this, it is so funny and simple. you write in a weird way, adorable.hahaha

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😥

  7. Sorry. I meant :’) I love this. 😀

  8. Oluwadarasimi…… This is an interesting read.
    Nice post (Y)

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