. Just looking back and I decided to dedicate this post to God! Just to tell him the things I am thankful for.
1. I am thankful for the life he gave me! Really looking at things I don’t think I’m worthy to be alive but HIS grace kept me and was sufficient enough for me and still is. Many started this year with me and they are. No where to be found! I thank God for preserving me
2. I am thankful for My salvation. Many are spiritually blind but I thank God that he opened my eyes to see all that he has for me. I thank HIM for saving me and for bringing me to see the Light of HIS salvation.
3.I am Thankful For mercy. Great is the Lord’s mercy towards me they are new every morning. It is only because of this mercy I can see a new day! Thank You Lord!
4.I am thankful for my family. Thank you because you chose them and not me and I didn’t have any cause to weep over them.
5.I am thankful for friends. Thank you For helping Choose them. Thank You for the New ones I have because you understand why I have them. Thank You for making learn from them!
6.I am thankful for the BLOOD. Thank YOU for the blood that speaks of better things than the blood of Abel, the blood that makes me whole, the blood that speaks for me in time of trouble, the blood that because of it I have confidence in coming to your presence.
7.I am thankful for my mistakes because the help me learn and draw closer to YOU.
8. I am thankful for Faithfulness. Lord you say a thing, and you do that which you said. YOU don’t lie and you are always faithful with your words.
9. I am thankful for little journeys because YOU preserve my going out and coming in.
This is the Last Month of the year and I decided to write what I am thankful for. This are some and many more. What are you thankful for?



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5 responses to “Thankful!

  1. Ibiwoye Oluwatimilehin

    Very well said…I thank God dat I’m still alive and by his grace I’ll celebrate xmas and new year and I pray dat I wouldn’t abuse abuse dat grace bcos His word says sin shall no be ur master 4 u’re not under law but under grace…

  2. doyin oke

    I ♥ this….

  3. Deolu

    I’m thankful to have found Purpose.

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