Ni Wewe Tu Bwana (Its only you JESUS)

God can be described in many ways: God is omnipresent, The Almighty, helper, the one who declares a thing and it comes to pass, the one that keeps his own, he cannot be compared with anyone, he is the invisible and only wise God.
Here’s a short story to describe one of the attributes of God:
The doctor approached a woman saying “Madam, we are very sorry but your daughter has been diagnosed with cancer”. The woman, wailing, said: “Doctor, that is impossible! My daughter is just 12.” The doctor replied her saying: “we are sorry; we might have to amputate her arm”. The woman kept wailing and rolling on the floor “My only daughter, my only child, my source of joy! God, what have I done, who did I offend?”
Days passed and it was almost time for the surgery, prayers were offered for the little girl. Some days before the surgery, the little girl told her mum “Mummy I prayed, and Jesus told me that I won’t feel any pain and he would be with me”. Her mum drew her closer and hugged her “I believe you, my daughter”.
Two days to the surgery, the doctor told the woman: “We found out that the cancer has spread over her body and we don’t think she will survive it, we will lose her.” The woman fell on the floor screaming and wailing “It is over! What else am I here for? Who do I have left?”
But this little girl was always praising God; she never gave up even when her coffin was already prepared. Now, it was time for the final check up. After the check up was done, the doctor came astonished “I really can’t explain what happened here but whatever the case maybe, the cancer is gone, no trace, nothing at all.”
That was and still is GOD. He promised the little girl through his son, when all hope was gone, and he fulfilled his promise. I call him the “99th Hour miracle worker”. Whatsoever the situation maybe he will always come through for his own.
When men say it is over He will tell you “I HAVE JUST STARTED”



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4 responses to “Ni Wewe Tu Bwana (Its only you JESUS)

  1. Olawale Jegz

    Fot Without Faith, it is Impossible to Please God.

  2. Funke stays Inspiring.
    Faith really does moves mountains.

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