I for one never believed in miracles.

But really, blame me not; I am that person that has been through a lot, yes a whole lot. I had lost my job several times, I almost had nothing. I was rejected by so many but still I had something i could call a “JOB”. I was basically just managing.

One fateful Sunday, I went to church just for the fun of it. I entered like every other person. I just sat at the corner of the entrance and tried flowing with the service. I was there physically but my mind had travelled far. Understandable since I had outstanding rent and bills. My “JOB” couldn’t help me with that. Suddenly I heard a word: “Your miracle is on its way” I looked up and just did the upward nasal movement popularly known as “YINMU” the word went on still ” You just need a little faith, let your faith have a picture; if you need a house, go to the house of your choice, take a picture and believe. If you need a car, go to a car shop and test drive; you need desperate faith”. I became more interested in the word and I thought “if this is how it works let me try, after all I have nothing to lose.

The next morning, I looked into my “ghana must go” and searched for my best outfit, though it had some patches it was manageable. I dressed up and took a walk down to the car dealer’s shop just across the road. I went in and asked for a car as if I really wanted to buy it, but since the pastor said so, all I actually needed was a picture. I entered the car, started the engine and it felt good but the reality of it was that I never had the money to buy the car. Just as I was about to take a picture, I overheard a woman saying she wanted the car I was in and she ranted about how she had been looking for the car. Meanwhile her husband was a reputable man. As they approached me I knew it was time for me to “bounce“. I heard a knock on the glass, I wound down and the man pleaded with me that his wife wanted the car; I spoke with confidence like I had the money that I wanted the car also. After so much argument the man offered me another car and a job on the spot. That was how my story changed.

Miracles still happen and when you receive one, it will be just like a dream. Just believe.


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