God and God Alone

Let me tell you about someone I Know.
I experienced him a while ago and I thought it would be selfish if I don’t share it. Enjoy!!!

He is my present help in time of need.
He is the lifter up of my head.
He is always behind me and in support of me.
I ask for the impossible and he does exceedingly abundantly above what I ask him.
He desires my worship.
It amazes me because he teaches me the way I should worship him.
I worship him and he delights in the worship.
He said I will do a new thing and trust me he did.
His word doesn’t go back to him void.
He is the one that teaches a man how to worship in languages he doesn’t understand.
I tried to understand how he did it but it still didn’t make sense to me.
I asked him and he laughed saying “You can’t phantom it”.
Truly I can’t understand it.
He makes a man that doesn’t understand the language of worship weep before his presence.
In the midst of worship he makes his presence known and so real that you can almost touch him.
How loving can someone be?!
He is my father.
He is my friend .
He is everything to me.
He is God all by himself.
He is GOD and GOD alone!!!



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3 responses to “God and God Alone

  1. C.J

    This is so wonderful, He is my God n my all in all. He is my everything n pray dt he gives me d grace to do his will at every point in my life

  2. lola

    Oh yes he is! He’s the holiest,greater than the greatest, mightier than the mightiest, sweeter than the sweetest, he’s my teacher,my comforter,my strength,my help,my hope,my Joy,my Love… He heals me even before I realise am weak,he watches over everything that concerns me..he secures and keeps me safe,he directs my steps dat I may not slip… He’s my rock,he’s my dad..he’s my All!

  3. Mayen

    May God continue 2 increase u in d knowlege of him

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