Psalm 23:4 (Author; Olumide Olanrewaju)

“though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”
First, attention is drawn to the phrase SHADOW OF DEATH. That phrase does not imply death in itself, it talks about situations so close to death. One’s shadow can’t be far from a person, your shadow can’t fall on something far away, it has to be something of a very close range. Before one can claim to have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, then one must have been pretty close to death in itself (death may not necessarily be physical, it could be financially, academically, emotionally e.t.c.). Now, it says ” I will fear no evil” why? “FOR THOU ART WITH ME”
Interesting scripture, at this point you ask yourself, if He was with me how come I found myself in the valley of the shadow of death. Let’s take a look at the chapter now and pay attention to the pronouns used;
“HE maketh me to lie down in green pastures…”
“HE leadeth me beside the still waters…”
“HE restoreth my soul…”
“HE leadeth me in the path of righteousness…”
“I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”
See what “HE” did and see what “I” did. Most times we find ourselves walking in the valley of the shadow of death, it is as a result of our deeds and not God but the good news is that even when we walk through that valley, He is with us. At an early stage in my life, I had a conception which I now see has wrong. I was of the opinion that once you’re with God, you loose the ability to go wrong or make a wrong decision but this scripture says otherwise. The passage is saying when I made the decision that led to me walking in the valley of the shadow of death, God was with me (that’s why I will fear no evil). But I still made that decision to walk through that valley anyway. The difference between I and the world is that He is with me. The passage says “goodness and mercy shall follow me… and I will DWELL in the house of the Lord” so all I did was through WALK THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, it is just a phase, it is not the destination. If He is indeed your shepherd then you can’t dwell in that valley, you’ll just walk through.

“…Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me”
In modern English, it can be simply put; “Your cane and Your whip, they comfort me. Wonderful isn’t it? The sentence itself makes one think, how can a rod and a staff bring comfort? From the little I know, every shepherd has a rod or a staff. Yet the sheep tends to be the most obedient of animals. The simple truth is no matter how “spiritual” and “upright” you are with God and man, you will still go through the “rod” and “staff” experience and the reason is not far fetched. It is simply because the sheep has to conform to the will of the shepherd. No shepherd allows a sheep to go on a frolic of its own because it is obedient, except the sheep doesn’t belong to the shepherd. If you have your life all planned and everything is going according to the plan you have then it is time to turn to Daddy and ask questions (except you don’t belong to Him of course). Because the rod and staff must comfort you. Christianity is not a bread and beans affair, it’s not a rosy ride, it is a rosy destination. The rod and staff are not meant to be funny but at the end of the day, they bring comfort. May God help us



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4 responses to “Psalm 23:4 (Author; Olumide Olanrewaju)


    Am so Inspired and Motivated by your write up Bro,May God in his Infinite mercy give you more strength and wisdom to touch more Lives in Jesus name AMEN!

  2. Elizabeth Philip

    Hmm…pastor lol….nice:D

  3. Nickenny

    Nicely analysed and like u wrote… May God help us all.

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