What If?

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! YAAAY!!!! Merry Christmas everyone. This is the usual message you hear, including “DONT FORGET THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”. Not saying those messages aren’t cool please don’t misquote me.
So i woke up this morning feeling all cool with myself after sending voice notes to peeps. That’s by the way. One question popped in my head; What if?
Hence my writing; what if Adam and Eve didn’t disobey? Maybe we wouldn’t have had Jesus, or maybe we would have but he would have probably been an ordinary person, maybe just another creation from God and he would have probably died the way others did, still they sinned *sigh*. I am sure most of you would say “LIFE FOR SWEET”, Well God had a better plan.
Again What if Angel Gabriel decided to be proud like Satan and say ” God, how far you na, I no fit go meet Mary wetin you think say she go talk” LOL! of course he didn’t say that and he also had no choice than to deliver the message.
What If Mary said No, Well she had a choice, at first she didn’t understand what was going on, but because she was humble and she believed saying be it unto me according to thy word. But wait o, she also had a choice to abort the baby after all if people were going to point fingers it would be at her. I am sure people would have gossiped about her and of course she turned deaf ears to them because she knew God had a better plan.
Now Joseph would have said; “Wetin consign me for this matter na, after all no be me impregnate am” But really if Joseph had said that, maybe God would have found a replacement for him but because of his humility and the blessings that would follow afterwards.
Finally what if Jesus decided not to die for us, trust me he had a choice not to die he could have said no also but because he knew what his father has sent him to do and also because of the love he has for us, there is no greater love than this.
This is the best time to love your maker again; HE is the best thing that would ever happen to you.

Gaurd your heart with all diligence….



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3 responses to “What If?

  1. Bimbo

    Lovely piece,Funke.
    Christ is d reason 4 d season

  2. Damilare

    Loool… What if Herod had decided to humble himself before Jesus! What if the wise men had brought Jesus an iPad and Range Rover? Nice piece ma… Blessing ! Blessings and Exceeding Blessings r us…

  3. humility all the way… I see HUMILITY in this post, a necessity in walking with GOD. May God teach us to be ever so humble. Wonderful post ma.

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