What I have learnt so far!

Wow! Scrolling through my blog *dusts cobwebs*. It has been a while. Really gone MIA for so long. Thanks to those who checked on me while i was away. Now i am back( Hopefully for good).
Well while i was away i learnt a whole lot and i think i should share some with you all. ENJOY!!!


Vision they say is the ability to see tomorrow’s possibility today and the capacity to see opportunities in today’s challenges. One of the scriptures that drives vision is Habakkuk 2:2-3. I am so in love with the message version that says ” What do you see? Write it down so that you may read as you run. Whatsoever it is, it is a confirmation of God’s word and it doesn’t lie, it may be slow wait for it, it will surely come to pass”.
I have come to an understanding that the things of the kingdom cannot be understood using your own knowledge. It wont just make sense it can only be interpreted by the spirit. The spirit shows and interprets a lot to us. The question now remains; How much of HIM do you have? It is one thing to have the Holy spirit and it is another to know HIM. Once you know HIM, HE would begin to show you things.
Everyone definitely wants to know something about their future and the only way you can know it is if God reveals it to you. HE is the only one that has the final say.Usually it is advisable to all write what you see or hear so as you live everyday you can always refer back to it.
Once you receive a word, fear would always come in. Most times the word you get might be contrary to what is happening in your life presently that where you need the spirit. After you have gotten the word, there is usually a confirmation then it is left for you to believe. Once you believe God then changes somethings in your life so you can get ready for the performance.Then there would be something that looks like the performance but it is usually not it, we really have to be careful at times like this. Finally, there is a performance of the word. The scripture says “Blessed is the one that believes because there shall be a performance”.
You might have received a word and it looks like it is taking too long, wait for it, IT WOULD COME TO PASS.
Got Faith


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  1. ibukun Tunde-Oni

    Lovely work funke..keep it up.

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