Gbola enters fuming “How can she say that to me, i mean, who does she think she is?” He walks about trying to get a grip of the words he just heard. Apparently he had offended his mum earlier and she said hurtful words to him. “You are not my child, OLORIBURUKU OMO, OMO IRANU” she yelled in the early hours of the morning. Those words haunted him so much the had a rethink “Is she truly my mum?”.
Later on in the evening, she came peeping, “My child, how are you?” because those words hurt Gbola so much, he answered rather in a cold manner. “My son, I’m sorry for the things i said to you earlier, so ri Ara omo lo ta mi, i didn’t mean those words. Mabinu oko mi” she said.
Moving on, Most times we say somethings that we don’t mean what we say and hurtful words often come from Anger. Most people can’t control what they say when they are angry hence they speak things they later regret.
Have you ever sat down to think about the things you say? Most times half of the things we say, we do not mean them and we later on regret but by the time you regret them, it just might be too late.
Whenever you are angry, if it is within your reach leave the “place of anger”, it works.Give yourself sometime to cool off and then re-address the issue when you are rather calm. Someone once taught me to rub my ears and exclaim “WHOOSA, WHOOSA” I have tried it a few times and it worked, lol.
Nevertheless, words can kill and words can make, there are few things i have heard in this short life of mine that made me rethink my future and there are some that just encouraged me. So before you utter that work rethink it.
I’d leave you with something i learnt a while back; Before you say something ask yourself
T-Is it True?
H-Is it Helpful?
I-Is it Inspiring?
N-Is it Necessary?
K-Is it Kind?


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