My Lover ,where do I begin, how do I convince these people about how amazing your love is? How do I let them know this unending love is for real and not “FABU” like they say…
Now you see, my lover is the best thing that ever happened to me, he loved me before I chose to love him. Who can ever do that? Even when I don’t think of him, he thinks of me. He holds on to me every time, even when I am not holding him, when am like “WHO BE THIS?”. He teaches me how to love him, he guides me through all. I almost thought he was overdoing it because I get mad at him, I yell at him, I even go stubborn on him but he smiles and says calmly to me three amazing words; “I LOVE YOU”. Those words are like heaven because I feel peace within me when he says those words. He makes me understand that his love is for real.
My Lover went as far as paying for my bride price with his blood. He was beaten more than an Hausa man would be beaten, he was stripped naked in front of my relatives and was whipped. My relatives spat at him they said terrible words to him but he said I will bear it all for her. When I heard it, tears rolled down my cheeks and I knew there was more to it.
My Perfect gentleman gave me this beautiful book and he reads it to me everyday, this book has all I could ever imagine. All the riches of this world are hidden in this book, it contains all one can ever ask for. Everyday is a breath of newness because the book reminds me that my lover is here always and forever.
The most amazing thing about this lover of mine is that as much as he loves me, he loves you too. I should be jealous right? But I am not because he gives me this special kind of love that is meant for me and me alone. I am certain that he will give you the love that is meant for u alone. His arms are so wide to carry us all and his heart is so large to love us all and he is so small that he lives in all our hearts, search deep within you he is there.
Guess what? My sweets gave me these words just to let you know that he loves you.
This is my love story.
What is yours?


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One response to “MY LOVE STORY

  1. Akangbe Oluwatobi

    Nice one dear!
    A sweet love story…not sweeter than mine tho….*tongue out

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