Still Overwhelmed

So I am here thinking, it’s been a long year!!! Above all, God has been good. I have had series of ups and downs, highs and lows, sometimes I just wanted to give up, but God and loved ones kept me strong. I imagine how I don’t deserve such grace but God has just chosen to love me. I will quickly share my after school life so far and how God kept me, I hope you learn from it.

Graduation came and everyone was glad, not for so many reasons but because finally we get to leave the University of Lagos for good. I was really grateful not because my grades were the best but because I had been through a lot (Ask Biochemistry students, they will tell you better), at some point I thought I was going to have extra year, I fought so hard and of course with God on my side, the battle was won. I learnt a whole lot in school and thank God for Sovereign Army Fellowship where lateness is not condoned, from there I guess I was ready for the ‘outside world’.

I was working before I finished school and work was good. I enjoyed every bit of it until one day I was told I couldn’t work there any more because of some funny reasons. At that moment I thought of so many things, but of course there was this peace inside of me, I worry a lot (loads of people can testify to this🙈) but there was just this calmness around me.

My jobless days began and I tried using it to read and I achieved a little. I used this moment also to get closer to God, knowing fully well that I was a little behind our ‘Schedule’. This precious Sunday came and someone walked up to me, saying I was needed for a job, and of course I took the job. This Job paid so much more and came with loads of benefits attached to it. Looking at my grades and who I am, trust me I didn’t deserve the job. With a grateful heart, I enjoyed the job until NYSC came.

Now NYSC was another issue because here I was thinking I will be in Lagos and I was posted to Kaduna(yea, many people didn’t want me to go)but I had to. So I went with the mindset of, I will be back in 3 weeks. Redeployment list came out and my name wasn’t there, I was in shock in fact I almost passed out because I thought of how I’d be alone, my classmate who was with me was redeployed.  I remember how she told me that I will enjoy Kaduna and that I should wait, she even took down names of local government for me and the phone numbers. I just knew in my heart that I wasn’t going to stay there. It was the end of camp and still no redeployment, people collected their letters of primary assignment for some funny reasons I just didn’t collect mine, I even wrote that I wanted to be redeployed,  I remembered the lady saying,”You will stay in kaduna for at least 3months before we even consider your redeployment. Also remove that Lagos you put there because they won’t answer you “. I didn’t change anything and  I came back to Lagos with worries in my heart but boldness in some part of me. After all said and done, I was called one month after to come and get my letter, on getting there I was told I will get query because I didn’t get my ppa letter(at this time, I didn’t know where I was posted to), at the end of it all, I got my letter body written LAGOS and no query. I grinned from chin to chin with gratefulness in my heart.

I still had my job at that time. When I got back to Lagos, another job was waiting for me, I did all my necessary registration and continued my work until NYSC came again and rejected my letter of request to remain at my work place. I was baffled and worried again but little did I know that God had it all planned. I went to where I was posted and I spoke to the lady in charge she said, there wasn’t any space for me but because she saw how worried I was she will accept me and help me. I was of course grateful again. Had some issues at my work place and I had to leave again.

Now, I wasn’t so much worried because I wasn’t totally idle, but I still needed to do something during the day because my old job was more of evenings and meetings.

I kept waiting till a certain lady called one day and said “I don’t know why I but your name dropped in my heart, are you looking for a job?” I was in shock and overwhelmed. I was a bit scared, couldn’t point out why but I eventually took the job and so far,  I have been enjoying it.

People will say “Oh Funke, you have connection and oh you are popular”, I just smile and say in my heart, I have got God and He is the most popular and the owner of all connection. So far He has been good to me and I am STILL OVERWHELMED.



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4 responses to “Still Overwhelmed

  1. Oshey!! Miracle pikin wey get connection pass Putin 😀 Aww! Bestie you didn’t tell me all these ones o. :’) God has really been good. You can see that all the 12 hrs in church haven’t been a waste Don’t worry,I time is coming when people won’t recognize they’ve seen you before….except me sha. Happy new month *playing Rich by MI in the background*

  2. Oluwatobi

    You worry a lot? … I testify… lol.. but in all we bless the Lord! you’ve only just begun. Many more great and mighty things ahead!

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