Day 2: Sheyi Aluko

What does Christmas mean to me?
Growing up, I always associated Christmas to “eating rice, meat, amala, pounded yam (my favorite) etc. It seem the only meaningful thing I ever did was to eat. Asides running around etc.
Oh, how could I forget the gifts part. I always had new clothes during Christmas.
All that stopped though after I lost my mom. So Christmas became a boring affair. Going to my grandparents, having to wake up early to work etc. that was still okay with me. Till the whole family starts to gather. My cousins coming to spend the day with their parents. It was a constant reminder that I don’t have a mother. It was a painful reminder…….
Till I gave my life to Christ.
Christmas took on a new meaning. It was gradual but I got the revelation.
I’ll just put it as clearly as I understand it: Christmas, to me, means a time of LOVE. A reminder of how meticulous God is when it comes to planning. How He took his time to plan my salvation. Took his time to show the depth of his love for me. My shame, filthiness, sin, pain etc was enough to keep him away from me (his eyes are too holy to behold iniquity). But his LOVE made his thoughts were never far away from me. So, Jesus came. Not in his glory. But in a most humble way. He came to the world for my sake.
My conclusion is this: LOVE became evident on the day Christ came to the world. Christmas is a constant reminder of that AMAZING LOVE.

Thank you Sheyi for your view😆


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