Day 8: Joseph Oru

Growing up, Christmas was the only event I looked up to every year, not even my birthday, maybe it was the fun and excitement that came with the season, buying knockouts aka “banger”, visiting amusement park, getting to eat a lot, visiting families and friends, maybe it was just my environments, or maybe I’m just thinking about it too much!
I grew up in the barracks and as a kid I was limited to so many things. My dad had rules, and we must obey. I never wrote a list like you did, I never believed in Santa, I just wanted to hear the Christmas songs. My mum or dad bought my rubber wristwatch, eye glasses, clothes and shiny shoes. It was always fun.
Things took a different turn for me December 1999, when a dark cloud was in our midst. For a few years, there were no Christmas feasts, no Christmas presents, no Christmas for me at all. I was in pain. I was left alone. There was really no reason to celebrate.

As I got older, after snubbing Christmas for years, there was a paradigm shift, I began to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
For some it’s all the family dropping by, Decorating the home with holly, evergreens and mistletoe; Candles and sparkly lights,

For others, it’s a great excuse to shop or travel the world!
For some it’s waiting for a Zenith bank to light up the streets with Christmas decorations.
For others it’s roasted turkey/chickens on a plate, enough rice to feed an entire block.
For me it’s personal, it’s a magical moment, it’s celebrating Love, I think that’s the true meaning of Christmas.

So its Christmas 2015. If you do gifts or not. If you get to spend time with family or if you’re all alone… Sing a song, and spend time rejoicing with God for love and for life.

I am just here wondering what does Christmas mean to you? I’d like to know, leave a comment below!

Compliments of the season

Thank you Joey for sharing your view.😆


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