Day 10: Oluwatobi Akangbe

Christmas! Christmas!! Christmas!!! Christmas!!!!
I just love pronouncing that word, especially when I whisper it. It just brings this soothing exhilarating feeling. It’s a time of the year that I look forward to for so many reasons some of which I will let you in on as we go on.
Many people have come up with funny attempts to try to take away the shine from the day but for the most part of it, the attempts haven’t been so successful. Some came up saying Jesus  was not born on that day and so it isn’t his birthday and hence should not be celebrated but then I ask; who made them the custodians of the days and until they can convince the entire world of their own opinion at a go, let us just focus for  now on celebrating One who deserves all the worship and recognition in the world. Some have also tried to in a subtle way substitute ‘Christ’ for ‘X’ in the word so we forget the essence of the season, but that attempt also didn’t work well.
This reminds me of when Jesus asked  the disciples who they thought he was and they started saying what men said meanwhile he wanted their own opinion, so to what Christmas  means to me.
Christmas is a time set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and when i consider this knowing that He was born just to die because for me, to imagine that a sinless being was born to only to suffer, to be spat on, be beaten and worn a crown of thorns for my sake, to conceive that a King condescended to the lowliest of statuses to be born in a manger, to be the Son of a carpenter…all just for me?, I get goose bumps just imagining it.
For me,  it is a season that completely defines Love in its purest form which is totally exemplified by giving and its why people should extend the love to others by giving especially to those in dire need and are less privileged and the interesting about this part is that if you are reading this piece, then you are definitely classified among the privileged. There are those who cannot afford  a device like the one you are using to view this, and there are those who are blind and so cannot view this, there are also those who wont be able to read this because theey could not afford to go to school so believe me, you are privileged and so think of someone just less privileged and show love this season.
Just as it is for a lot of people, it is also a time when my considerably large nuclear family comes together and is usually a time to look forward to as I get to see people I have not seen since the last Christmas.
Overall, in the simplest of terms, Christmas to me means the time set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and is a time for showing  love.
Thanks for reading…

Thanks Tobs for sharing your view.😆


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