Day 11: Nkiruka George -Umerah

It’s a day to Christmas and I can feel love in the air… lol… yes the love. That is what Christmas is and has always meant to me.
I remember many years ago just before I understood what Christmas meant, I had always seen it as the time of the year that my mum would cook for the whole street: Muslims, Christians, Herbalist (We had on on our street) and distribute in ‘our’ nice plates, served with  drinks and a big piece of chicken depending on the family size ( trust me my mum knew every family on that street) covered with ‘our’ beautiful napkins and placed in a basket.
‘Our’ plates and napkins were used and I wondered why my mother would serve people who don’t even love God with ‘our’ stuff but my mother knew otherwise, no hate, no discrimination, none at all. In fact she would usually ask them if they want option of swallow and our igbo soup and I’m like no way… Hehe hehe
But you see that was Christmas for me, we rarely exchanged gift within the family but we always distribute stuff to people; rich, poor, Muslim,  Christian,  Herbalist. It didn’t matter. I understood at that time she understood the concept of love and the essence of Christmas.
You see (without sounding spiritual… lol). Christmas is all about Christmas and the reason why he came, yes we celebrate his birth at Christmas but that also signifies the price he had come to pay with his life, so as we celebrate his life we also celebrate his death as he came for one purpose, enable us secure eternal life.
For me, Christmas is and will always be about that love, that sacrificial love and the cost of that love. He came because he loved us and died because of that same love. Dying is not easy at all (ask a grieving person, they can relate).
So for the son of God to agree to;
1.Die for us
2. Humble himself and come in form of man
3.Go through the rigorous earthly life before he began his ministry
4. Be persecuted 
5. Be wounded
6. Be abused by the same people he died for
7. Agree to follow the humiliating process

I know without a shadow of doubt that there’s no greater love, none at all.
Christmas is all about love and the birth of this lover…
. implore everyone this season … Love and keep loving.. Give and keep giving … That is Christmas and Christmas is about Christ …
 Merry Christmas and a happy new year .

Thank you Nkiru for sharing your view😆


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