I didn’t deserve it. 

I’m sure most of you have heard my story, maybe from blogs. But just before you judge me, hear me out.

“Just this once, it won’t hurt anyone, after all BODY NO BE WOOD”

This man is never around and this body of mine needs some work.

After now, never again.

Before I realized, I was back again, this time not once, not twice; as i speak I have lost count.

That feeling of “what have I done?” wasn’t there anymore, no heart racing, no conscience pinching, no restless night.

This fateful day on my usual rounds; 

People pointed, “Eh, that’s her”, but I walked as though they weren’t pointing at me

“Stop there! Someone shouted. Today you will finally face the law”

Fast forward to my judgement day, I was faced with many accusers

“I saw her!”

“I have seen her several times”

“I will still see her, so why should we spare her?”

But there was yet a calm one in the corner

“Let her be,” he said in a still voice.

“If you haven’t done worse things, then you can speak”

There was silence in the room.

Finally, the Judge spoke; “Anymore accusers?”

Silence still

“Since there isn’t anyone left, I have nothing against you”


I stood still because the words didn’t sound real, I mean the only penalty for what I have done is death.

I heard the words again, this time clearly: YOU ARE FREE!!!

I felt freedom for the first time in forever, and I knew I didn’t have to struggle again.

It was a fresh start for me.


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