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I hear the sound of my name in the wind

I stop. I look. I turn, but there’s no one here

Maybe it’s my mind playing games

Maybe it’s the wind playing tricks

But I hear it again, louder, clearer

This is no mind thing, this is not a wind trick

Someone called my name

Is this my Samuel moment?

Write it down, I hear, Make it plain, I’m told

But what to write? And what to make plain?

I  turn to the scriptures, searching frantically

By myself, I say, feeling I can do all things

After all, the Bible says so

Once again I hear my name

Trust me, Child

I am everything you need

Every step of  every way

Every breath in and out

Every blink and every thought

When you have come into full understanding then and only then will you enjoy the benefits.

I went back to the scriptures, this time not by myself but with the guidance of the Father

As I read, words become pictures

I see them now; before they were mere words

A better understanding,a deeper meaning, literally feeling like I can hold it.

Joy fills my soul; I know I can take rest.


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Ever missed your way?

Growing up,I dreaded missing my way especially when I had no one with me. If you have been to the redemption camp you will have an idea of what I am saying, even in the same venue you can get missing and you begin to get confused, trying to recalculate your steps, going back and forth sometimes you even feel silly or when you misplace something especially when it’s something really small, you start speaking to yourself in hush tones: “I kept it here”. “When I left, I dropped it here.” It can be frustrating I tell you.Thankfully in this new age there’s Google Map for the tech savvy ones, I can’t count the number of times I have been helped by Google Map.

Generally in life we often miss our way, we do things that are off course, we get distracted and we lose focus. Most people know where they are headed, some know the purpose for their life but these “little yet major things” come our way and we miss it.

Feel that way? I have good news for you, Just as Google map helps you find your way especially when you have missed a turn you see it recalculating the routes so as to get you to your destination, that’s the same way God recalculates your routes because he has already told you that he has a purpose for you. So, instead of sitting and wasting time on being worried about how you have missed your way, stand up, dust yourself and wait for the next instructions on which direction to go.

Relax! God is still very much interested in your life’s journey. 🙂

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Welcome to February

I’m here to encourage everyone who might need one at the moment. Maybe you started this year with so many expectations in your heart and January is gone, there’s nothing close to what you expected or maybe you even had plans for your January but none of your plan was executed due to unforeseen circumstances. Let me first break it down to you, there are 11 months left this year, that shouldn’t be a problem as well, because most times what takes other people years might just take you seconds if you only stay true to God. I read somewhere that God is not limited by our time instead we limit ourselves by helping God plan our time for us (I see you, assistant holy spirit 😑 ). Why don’t you let go and let God?

Whatever you have down for this month, write it down make it plain and read it out to yourself every day that you may run with it.  Stir up your life with God’s reality, God’s plan and God’s purpose and watch everything fall into place for you this month. “Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down”.  “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes”.

Also as this is the month of love, why don’t you take up a challenge and show some love to people out there not as a cliché but because you truly appreciate them. Each day of this month, take out time and appreciate the ones you have no matter how little it can be, it will go a long way.

Have a fabulous and love filled February.

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GRATITUDE: Gbemisola Ero-Phillips

“You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us out to abundance.”
Psalm 66:12

I know I still have a few more hours to go before 2015 is over, but I can say it’s been a good one. This year for me has been a year of mixed blessings for me. But I am still thankful. I have been hesitant about sharing my 2015 testimony because I am the only one who really knows how He took me through the fire. But if I don’t share, how will they know? I honestly want to type “God is so good” till this page is full.
I started the year very powerfully, especially with the 40 day fast in my church. I remember praying for a whole lot of things. At the beginning of the year, I read so many economic projections and saw how gloomy it was going to be. It was a bad year to start a business or get a house or get a line. I reminded God that when others say there is a casting down, I would say there is a lifting up. This year, I got my “OWN” car. I say own car because last year I had my mum’s car, which I returned to her.

Last year, I knew that my season in my former apartment was done. God showed me consistently that I didn’t belong there. But I didn’t have enough money to get the type of place I would have really loved. In January, God reminded of the need to move, by way of confirmation from another woman of God. Around June, God provided miraculously and a friend blessed me with a considerable part of my rent, the best part of this being the fact that it was no strings attached. God also helped me find a very beautiful place, in a way that could have been only Him. I paid for a place previously and then it wasn’t available and it took a while to get a refund. I’d stay in bed and cry that I wanted to move. When God did it, it was effortless- the hunt, the payment, the actual moving.

I met so many beautiful people this year. I started attending Joshuaville, and went out a little more this year. For an unrepentant couch potato like me, that’s a lot of improvement…

I like to think my most beautiful miracle of the year is God Himself. God showed Himself strong for me. He went all out to save me and answer me, a really humbling experience. God’s ways are not our ways, so when He fought for me, He answered the distress call of one little woman in her bed.

I also came into a greater awareness of myself. I have always been self-aware, but I started to see myself how God sees me. I now know that a little mistake can change the course of a life, and I’m more inspired to do right out of respect for God.

Sadly, I lost my favourite aunt this year, but God held us through it all, and even though we’re still healing, we’re moving forward. In all, 2015 has been the best year of my life so far.

Thank you Gbemisola….
How has your 2015 been? Comment below👇👇👇

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Day 11: Nkiruka George -Umerah

It’s a day to Christmas and I can feel love in the air… lol… yes the love. That is what Christmas is and has always meant to me.
I remember many years ago just before I understood what Christmas meant, I had always seen it as the time of the year that my mum would cook for the whole street: Muslims, Christians, Herbalist (We had on on our street) and distribute in ‘our’ nice plates, served with  drinks and a big piece of chicken depending on the family size ( trust me my mum knew every family on that street) covered with ‘our’ beautiful napkins and placed in a basket.
‘Our’ plates and napkins were used and I wondered why my mother would serve people who don’t even love God with ‘our’ stuff but my mother knew otherwise, no hate, no discrimination, none at all. In fact she would usually ask them if they want option of swallow and our igbo soup and I’m like no way… Hehe hehe
But you see that was Christmas for me, we rarely exchanged gift within the family but we always distribute stuff to people; rich, poor, Muslim,  Christian,  Herbalist. It didn’t matter. I understood at that time she understood the concept of love and the essence of Christmas.
You see (without sounding spiritual… lol). Christmas is all about Christmas and the reason why he came, yes we celebrate his birth at Christmas but that also signifies the price he had come to pay with his life, so as we celebrate his life we also celebrate his death as he came for one purpose, enable us secure eternal life.
For me, Christmas is and will always be about that love, that sacrificial love and the cost of that love. He came because he loved us and died because of that same love. Dying is not easy at all (ask a grieving person, they can relate).
So for the son of God to agree to;
1.Die for us
2. Humble himself and come in form of man
3.Go through the rigorous earthly life before he began his ministry
4. Be persecuted 
5. Be wounded
6. Be abused by the same people he died for
7. Agree to follow the humiliating process

I know without a shadow of doubt that there’s no greater love, none at all.
Christmas is all about love and the birth of this lover…
. implore everyone this season … Love and keep loving.. Give and keep giving … That is Christmas and Christmas is about Christ …
 Merry Christmas and a happy new year .

Thank you Nkiru for sharing your view😆

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12 days of Christmas…

Something is coming up and i’m so excited!!!

It is a first of its kind on my blog and i hope you all enjoy.


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Sometimes you want to ask why

Sometimes you just want to curse God

Sometimes you feel all odds are against you

Sometimes you are done hearing all the “It is well” “God will do it

Sometimes you just wonder what you didn’t do right

Sometimes you begin to think about all the sins you have committed between the time of the promise and the fulfilment

Sometimes you just want to end it all

Sometimes you conclude that God has forgotten you

You even think HE has gone on a “vacay

Sometimes you think it’s time to throw in the towel

Why don’t you pick up that towel, wipe your sweat and tears, move on

Because, ALL THE TIME, God was and is still there!

HE will sort you out.


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