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GRATITUDE: Gbemisola Ero-Phillips

“You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us out to abundance.”
Psalm 66:12

I know I still have a few more hours to go before 2015 is over, but I can say it’s been a good one. This year for me has been a year of mixed blessings for me. But I am still thankful. I have been hesitant about sharing my 2015 testimony because I am the only one who really knows how He took me through the fire. But if I don’t share, how will they know? I honestly want to type “God is so good” till this page is full.
I started the year very powerfully, especially with the 40 day fast in my church. I remember praying for a whole lot of things. At the beginning of the year, I read so many economic projections and saw how gloomy it was going to be. It was a bad year to start a business or get a house or get a line. I reminded God that when others say there is a casting down, I would say there is a lifting up. This year, I got my “OWN” car. I say own car because last year I had my mum’s car, which I returned to her.

Last year, I knew that my season in my former apartment was done. God showed me consistently that I didn’t belong there. But I didn’t have enough money to get the type of place I would have really loved. In January, God reminded of the need to move, by way of confirmation from another woman of God. Around June, God provided miraculously and a friend blessed me with a considerable part of my rent, the best part of this being the fact that it was no strings attached. God also helped me find a very beautiful place, in a way that could have been only Him. I paid for a place previously and then it wasn’t available and it took a while to get a refund. I’d stay in bed and cry that I wanted to move. When God did it, it was effortless- the hunt, the payment, the actual moving.

I met so many beautiful people this year. I started attending Joshuaville, and went out a little more this year. For an unrepentant couch potato like me, that’s a lot of improvement…

I like to think my most beautiful miracle of the year is God Himself. God showed Himself strong for me. He went all out to save me and answer me, a really humbling experience. God’s ways are not our ways, so when He fought for me, He answered the distress call of one little woman in her bed.

I also came into a greater awareness of myself. I have always been self-aware, but I started to see myself how God sees me. I now know that a little mistake can change the course of a life, and I’m more inspired to do right out of respect for God.

Sadly, I lost my favourite aunt this year, but God held us through it all, and even though we’re still healing, we’re moving forward. In all, 2015 has been the best year of my life so far.

Thank you Gbemisola….
How has your 2015 been? Comment below👇👇👇


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Day 4: Oluwadamilola Oladipo

My very own Christmas

Christmas is you,
Christmas is me,
Christmas is all of us being happy

Not because things are perfect,
Not because things aren’t
But because our Christ was birthed

What does Christmas mean to me you say?
Christmas is a season of love
Christmas is a time to give
As our God gave his only begotten

A time to reflect
A time of newness
Let’s not forget the rice and chicken :mrgreen:

Christmas is family and friends o’clock

Thank you Dami for sharing your view.😆

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