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I didn’t deserve it. 

I’m sure most of you have heard my story, maybe from blogs. But just before you judge me, hear me out.

“Just this once, it won’t hurt anyone, after all BODY NO BE WOOD”

This man is never around and this body of mine needs some work.

After now, never again.

Before I realized, I was back again, this time not once, not twice; as i speak I have lost count.

That feeling of “what have I done?” wasn’t there anymore, no heart racing, no conscience pinching, no restless night.

This fateful day on my usual rounds; 

People pointed, “Eh, that’s her”, but I walked as though they weren’t pointing at me

“Stop there! Someone shouted. Today you will finally face the law”

Fast forward to my judgement day, I was faced with many accusers

“I saw her!”

“I have seen her several times”

“I will still see her, so why should we spare her?”

But there was yet a calm one in the corner

“Let her be,” he said in a still voice.

“If you haven’t done worse things, then you can speak”

There was silence in the room.

Finally, the Judge spoke; “Anymore accusers?”

Silence still

“Since there isn’t anyone left, I have nothing against you”


I stood still because the words didn’t sound real, I mean the only penalty for what I have done is death.

I heard the words again, this time clearly: YOU ARE FREE!!!

I felt freedom for the first time in forever, and I knew I didn’t have to struggle again.

It was a fresh start for me.


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I hear the sound of my name in the wind

I stop. I look. I turn, but there’s no one here

Maybe it’s my mind playing games

Maybe it’s the wind playing tricks

But I hear it again, louder, clearer

This is no mind thing, this is not a wind trick

Someone called my name

Is this my Samuel moment?

Write it down, I hear, Make it plain, I’m told

But what to write? And what to make plain?

I  turn to the scriptures, searching frantically

By myself, I say, feeling I can do all things

After all, the Bible says so

Once again I hear my name

Trust me, Child

I am everything you need

Every step of  every way

Every breath in and out

Every blink and every thought

When you have come into full understanding then and only then will you enjoy the benefits.

I went back to the scriptures, this time not by myself but with the guidance of the Father

As I read, words become pictures

I see them now; before they were mere words

A better understanding,a deeper meaning, literally feeling like I can hold it.

Joy fills my soul; I know I can take rest.

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First let me start by saying Merry Christmas to Everyone.
Thanks to all those who have shared their Christmas experience so far.
When I hear Christmas I remember a whole lot. Most especially I’m excited about the celebration and the carols. The carols bring me so much joy, my favourites are; We three kings of orient are, The first Noel, O Holy Night and Elu Agogo😆😆 😆. Singing them reminds me of the miracle of christmas, sometimes I dwell so much on it wishing I was just beside Mary to watch the saviour’s birth or maybe help Joseph fetch water( Lol).
Christmas generally is a season of Love, It is also a season to reflect on what the love of God has brought you through so far.
The Love of God is unimaginable and I can’t begin to explain it all here.
The fact that you are alive to read this is enough to show how much He loves You. ..
A lot has happened this year and we can only remain thankful to God and of course for the reason why we can celebrate this season.
I really want to write a lot but words fail me and not to really bore you all with my talk I’d leave you with this;
“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values”.
Be Thankful and Enjoy your Christmas!

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Day 11: Nkiruka George -Umerah

It’s a day to Christmas and I can feel love in the air… lol… yes the love. That is what Christmas is and has always meant to me.
I remember many years ago just before I understood what Christmas meant, I had always seen it as the time of the year that my mum would cook for the whole street: Muslims, Christians, Herbalist (We had on on our street) and distribute in ‘our’ nice plates, served with  drinks and a big piece of chicken depending on the family size ( trust me my mum knew every family on that street) covered with ‘our’ beautiful napkins and placed in a basket.
‘Our’ plates and napkins were used and I wondered why my mother would serve people who don’t even love God with ‘our’ stuff but my mother knew otherwise, no hate, no discrimination, none at all. In fact she would usually ask them if they want option of swallow and our igbo soup and I’m like no way… Hehe hehe
But you see that was Christmas for me, we rarely exchanged gift within the family but we always distribute stuff to people; rich, poor, Muslim,  Christian,  Herbalist. It didn’t matter. I understood at that time she understood the concept of love and the essence of Christmas.
You see (without sounding spiritual… lol). Christmas is all about Christmas and the reason why he came, yes we celebrate his birth at Christmas but that also signifies the price he had come to pay with his life, so as we celebrate his life we also celebrate his death as he came for one purpose, enable us secure eternal life.
For me, Christmas is and will always be about that love, that sacrificial love and the cost of that love. He came because he loved us and died because of that same love. Dying is not easy at all (ask a grieving person, they can relate).
So for the son of God to agree to;
1.Die for us
2. Humble himself and come in form of man
3.Go through the rigorous earthly life before he began his ministry
4. Be persecuted 
5. Be wounded
6. Be abused by the same people he died for
7. Agree to follow the humiliating process

I know without a shadow of doubt that there’s no greater love, none at all.
Christmas is all about love and the birth of this lover…
. implore everyone this season … Love and keep loving.. Give and keep giving … That is Christmas and Christmas is about Christ …
 Merry Christmas and a happy new year .

Thank you Nkiru for sharing your view😆

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Day 10: Oluwatobi Akangbe

Christmas! Christmas!! Christmas!!! Christmas!!!!
I just love pronouncing that word, especially when I whisper it. It just brings this soothing exhilarating feeling. It’s a time of the year that I look forward to for so many reasons some of which I will let you in on as we go on.
Many people have come up with funny attempts to try to take away the shine from the day but for the most part of it, the attempts haven’t been so successful. Some came up saying Jesus  was not born on that day and so it isn’t his birthday and hence should not be celebrated but then I ask; who made them the custodians of the days and until they can convince the entire world of their own opinion at a go, let us just focus for  now on celebrating One who deserves all the worship and recognition in the world. Some have also tried to in a subtle way substitute ‘Christ’ for ‘X’ in the word so we forget the essence of the season, but that attempt also didn’t work well.
This reminds me of when Jesus asked  the disciples who they thought he was and they started saying what men said meanwhile he wanted their own opinion, so to what Christmas  means to me.
Christmas is a time set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and when i consider this knowing that He was born just to die because for me, to imagine that a sinless being was born to only to suffer, to be spat on, be beaten and worn a crown of thorns for my sake, to conceive that a King condescended to the lowliest of statuses to be born in a manger, to be the Son of a carpenter…all just for me?, I get goose bumps just imagining it.
For me,  it is a season that completely defines Love in its purest form which is totally exemplified by giving and its why people should extend the love to others by giving especially to those in dire need and are less privileged and the interesting about this part is that if you are reading this piece, then you are definitely classified among the privileged. There are those who cannot afford  a device like the one you are using to view this, and there are those who are blind and so cannot view this, there are also those who wont be able to read this because theey could not afford to go to school so believe me, you are privileged and so think of someone just less privileged and show love this season.
Just as it is for a lot of people, it is also a time when my considerably large nuclear family comes together and is usually a time to look forward to as I get to see people I have not seen since the last Christmas.
Overall, in the simplest of terms, Christmas to me means the time set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and is a time for showing  love.
Thanks for reading…

Thanks Tobs for sharing your view.😆

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Day 9: Tosin Amund

What does Christmas mean to me?
Christmas has been the celebration I look forward to every year. When I was little, I remember being excited as school closed for the year just before the holidays. I remember how we looked forward to our school party (it was painful though when our mum didn’t allow us wear party clothes to school like everyone else, but that story is for another day). Mum and Dad would bring home lots of cards, presents (both animate and inanimate) would flood our home. It was a time of year when we used to sing thus:
“Christmas is coming
  The geese are getting fat,
   Please put a kobo in the old man’s hat’
I honestly can’t remember where we learnt that song from but I can bet it was one of our comprehension books. We would pack our bags and travel to our home town in Ogun state on the 24th, and the fun would begin.
My siblings and cousins would terrorize the poor unsuspecting neighbours with all sorts of ‘ammunition’- banger, rocket, all sorts of weapons of mass confusion. I was too scared to hold any of those things, talk less of throw one, so I was stuck with the firecrackers.
I also remember that Christmas was usually the season when our ‘kolos’ (local version of a piggy bank) got filled up with monetary gifts we received from our relatives. There was the running battle on who got the most money. I actually miss those precious little wooden boxes. Unlike grown up accounts, the only way to access your funds was to (irreparably) break it open. Then the child with the most money had it doubled. My older sis always won this challenge; it was a no brainer.
Our church family harvest thanksgiving is on Christmas day every year, so come the 25th, we were all sitting in the pews at Idode Methodist Church, Ago-Iwoye. It was always an interesting time, even if I spent a good part of that time asleep. Afterwards, we would have a feast. That was what Christmas meant for the first few years of my life.
I started to understand the meaning of Christmas when I realised my need for a Saviour. Imagine my joy when my eyes saw the account of the angels heralding Jesus birth:
‘Fear not, for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord’
And that declaration of joy which followed:
‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men’

From that moment, I realized that Christmas was much more than the festivities, the beautiful dresses, the feasts and family gatherings. Its true meaning surpassed even the biggest hampers exchanged by friends and well wishers. The greatest gift man can ever receive was given at Christmas. The timing of the celebration has been a source of controversy, but I have come to understand that the heart of the matter weighs much more than man’s confusion on dates and time. That divine birth which paved the way for our salvation trumps all the controversies and strange narratives.
Unfortunately, for the last few years of my life, I have consistently been stationed at work on Christmas day. However, this has not dampened my Christmas cheer. The spirit behind this wonderful time of year is always with me, helping me bring Christmas cheer to my patients even while at work.
To everyone reading this, I wish you a wonderful Christmas. May the joy of the Lord be with you this season. Mwah!

Thank you Teesugar for sharing your view.😆

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Day 8: Joseph Oru

Growing up, Christmas was the only event I looked up to every year, not even my birthday, maybe it was the fun and excitement that came with the season, buying knockouts aka “banger”, visiting amusement park, getting to eat a lot, visiting families and friends, maybe it was just my environments, or maybe I’m just thinking about it too much!
I grew up in the barracks and as a kid I was limited to so many things. My dad had rules, and we must obey. I never wrote a list like you did, I never believed in Santa, I just wanted to hear the Christmas songs. My mum or dad bought my rubber wristwatch, eye glasses, clothes and shiny shoes. It was always fun.
Things took a different turn for me December 1999, when a dark cloud was in our midst. For a few years, there were no Christmas feasts, no Christmas presents, no Christmas for me at all. I was in pain. I was left alone. There was really no reason to celebrate.

As I got older, after snubbing Christmas for years, there was a paradigm shift, I began to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
For some it’s all the family dropping by, Decorating the home with holly, evergreens and mistletoe; Candles and sparkly lights,

For others, it’s a great excuse to shop or travel the world!
For some it’s waiting for a Zenith bank to light up the streets with Christmas decorations.
For others it’s roasted turkey/chickens on a plate, enough rice to feed an entire block.
For me it’s personal, it’s a magical moment, it’s celebrating Love, I think that’s the true meaning of Christmas.

So its Christmas 2015. If you do gifts or not. If you get to spend time with family or if you’re all alone… Sing a song, and spend time rejoicing with God for love and for life.

I am just here wondering what does Christmas mean to you? I’d like to know, leave a comment below!

Compliments of the season

Thank you Joey for sharing your view.😆

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