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I hear the sound of my name in the wind

I stop. I look. I turn, but there’s no one here

Maybe it’s my mind playing games

Maybe it’s the wind playing tricks

But I hear it again, louder, clearer

This is no mind thing, this is not a wind trick

Someone called my name

Is this my Samuel moment?

Write it down, I hear, Make it plain, I’m told

But what to write? And what to make plain?

I  turn to the scriptures, searching frantically

By myself, I say, feeling I can do all things

After all, the Bible says so

Once again I hear my name

Trust me, Child

I am everything you need

Every step of  every way

Every breath in and out

Every blink and every thought

When you have come into full understanding then and only then will you enjoy the benefits.

I went back to the scriptures, this time not by myself but with the guidance of the Father

As I read, words become pictures

I see them now; before they were mere words

A better understanding,a deeper meaning, literally feeling like I can hold it.

Joy fills my soul; I know I can take rest.


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Happy New year guys!!!
Hope you are starting this year on a good note? If you aren’t it’s a good time to. “…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”
Whatever it is you have gone through in 2015, my little advice is that you drop it where it belongs, holding on to it is like excess luggage and the flight might not take off and even if you drag it along you will definitely have to pay for the excess luggage, so why even bother? It’s definitely of no use for you.
Start this year afresh just like a breath of new air, why don’t you just try it now, ; Take a deep breath in, and the then out. Feels great right? That’s how you should take this year.
Why not live one day at a time. Take each day as it comes, good or bad just remember it was created and at the end of it all, things will work out together for your good as long as you believe. 
It’s okay to have resolutions,  goals, dreams and determinations but be disciplined enough to follow it up. You will go a long way if you do.
As much as we look forward to the best This year, storms will come we can only pray that it will passover us. “Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up. You’re not the only ones plunged into these hard times. It’s the same with Christians all over the world. So keep a firm grip on the faith. The suffering won’t last forever. It won’t be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ—eternal and glorious plans they are!—will have you put together and on your feet for good. He gets the last word; yes, he does.”
This year has a lot to offer so just remain focused and most importantly trust God. He has said it and he will do it, it’s just a matter of time.
Happy New year once again. Cheers to a fabulous 2016.🎆🎆🎆

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Sometimes you want to ask why

Sometimes you just want to curse God

Sometimes you feel all odds are against you

Sometimes you are done hearing all the “It is well” “God will do it

Sometimes you just wonder what you didn’t do right

Sometimes you begin to think about all the sins you have committed between the time of the promise and the fulfilment

Sometimes you just want to end it all

Sometimes you conclude that God has forgotten you

You even think HE has gone on a “vacay

Sometimes you think it’s time to throw in the towel

Why don’t you pick up that towel, wipe your sweat and tears, move on

Because, ALL THE TIME, God was and is still there!

HE will sort you out.


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In the beginning, the Earth was without Form and Void, until God began to speak. It is interesting however that God called everything into existence except Man. When it came time to form you, Heaven was at full attention, and so Man was Formed by God from the dust of the ground. This mode of Formation required a touch and from the days of Adam till now Man has required a constant touch from God.

In Clinical Psychology there’s what is called “Deprivation Dwarfism” this basically is the separation of New born babies (Newly Formed) into two categories. Both categories are given the same love and attention, they are fed the same thing (Hear the same Word from God), are in the same place (Go to the same church). The only differentiating factor between the two categories is that one set are ‘Touched’ in terms of being carried, drawn close and held while the other set are not. After a while it is noticed that the set of those who were ‘Touched’ end up growing Bigger, Stronger and generally more Functional than the latter.

This is the same with God and Man, you cannot be Formed and simply run off as though you are self sufficient. Yes, you hear the word, Yes – you go to church but the lack of a touch has left a lot spiritually dwarfed! In this context the touch is being Filled with the Breath of life, with Holy Ghost and with Power.

It’s a wonderful thing to be Filled but it also places a heavy responsibility on us, because then you have Give as you receive. We all know receiving is the easy part, giving is where the challenge is. A container filled out of capacity will probably explode, so will an over charged battery or an over-fed person (LOL…but we know Obesity kills). This happens when you receive so much and give absolutely nothing back.

If you have been Formed & Filled, then you ought to Function! If you purchase a phone or anything at all that does not function in the purpose it was created for, you either return it to get a replacement or if it had functioned but didn’t go as far as expectation you toss it aside (Separation from the Body of Christ). You have got no other choice than to Function!

The question you may ask is Function where and in what capacity? Well to begin with we know God’s expectation for us from His Word…Prosper, Be in Health, Have Dominion, Subdue, Replenish.

Understand that we need a constant touch and we definitely need a constant Filling. That is why a Hug or a kind word in the middle of a crisis can make all the difference, just like you need to charge and recharge your mobile devices to get you through the day sometimes you need to be Filled a little more than others to be able to Function in that thing God has called you to.

Are you Formed? Are you Filled? Then you have to Function!

Bad investments yields no profit, if heaven has put this much in you, what are you waiting for? Go and yield profit!

Receive Fresh Unction to Function

Ps; Big shout out to Tmoney!  Thanks for featuring😆😇

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Gbola enters fuming “How can she say that to me, i mean, who does she think she is?” He walks about trying to get a grip of the words he just heard. Apparently he had offended his mum earlier and she said hurtful words to him. “You are not my child, OLORIBURUKU OMO, OMO IRANU” she yelled in the early hours of the morning. Those words haunted him so much the had a rethink “Is she truly my mum?”.
Later on in the evening, she came peeping, “My child, how are you?” because those words hurt Gbola so much, he answered rather in a cold manner. “My son, I’m sorry for the things i said to you earlier, so ri Ara omo lo ta mi, i didn’t mean those words. Mabinu oko mi” she said.
Moving on, Most times we say somethings that we don’t mean what we say and hurtful words often come from Anger. Most people can’t control what they say when they are angry hence they speak things they later regret.
Have you ever sat down to think about the things you say? Most times half of the things we say, we do not mean them and we later on regret but by the time you regret them, it just might be too late.
Whenever you are angry, if it is within your reach leave the “place of anger”, it works.Give yourself sometime to cool off and then re-address the issue when you are rather calm. Someone once taught me to rub my ears and exclaim “WHOOSA, WHOOSA” I have tried it a few times and it worked, lol.
Nevertheless, words can kill and words can make, there are few things i have heard in this short life of mine that made me rethink my future and there are some that just encouraged me. So before you utter that work rethink it.
I’d leave you with something i learnt a while back; Before you say something ask yourself
T-Is it True?
H-Is it Helpful?
I-Is it Inspiring?
N-Is it Necessary?
K-Is it Kind?

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